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The Student Self-Isolation Guide: Instagram Influencers to Follow

During isolation, many of us are seeing an increase in our online activity to stay in the loop with our social circle. With so much more spare time on your hands, we bet your bad habit of endless scrolling on Instagram has become more frequent then you’d like to admit, right? We’re all guilty of doing it just to pass the time. It starts with watching one video on the explore page and then next thing you know, it’s 3 am and you’re watching your 4th pointless tutorial on how to replant a bonsai tree, even though you’ve no intention of owning one!
Many of us can fall into this trap. So, why not make sure your feed is filled with content you actually find useful, so you don’t feel as guilty? That’s why we have created a Student Self-Isolation Guide on popular Instagram Influencers to follow who post the content you love!
Interested? Then keep reading…

1. @oenone
Oenone is not just an influencer but she’s also a podcaster, bookworm and fledging comedian. Her content varies massively, which usually starts from her bottomless pit of questions. Why is the world the way it is? Are our actions free-will or conditioning? Her IGTV series, “I’ve been thinking about”, can take the focus of literally any topic, her most recent Q&A topic has been ‘Adulting in Isolation’. When streaming live, Oenone also opens up the discussion to her followers. She’s bound to have covered a handful of topics you’ll find enlightening, so go check her out.

2. @rachelama_
Rachel is a vegan recipe creator #livingtheveganlife. From delicious waffles to Bolognese, all dishes are made with vegan-friendly ingredients that won’t break the bank (or student overdraft). Her Instagram is packed with mouth-watering images and easy to follow cooking tutorials. Aside from her main foody focus, she also shares fitness and Muay Thai Fighting content.

3. @florencegiven
Crowned Cosmopolitan’s influencer of the year in 2019, Florence’s core focus is to promote female confidence. Through her creative flare, Florence’s artwork and Instagram content focuses on feminism as she effortlessly reminds followers who they were “before the toxic structures of our patriarchal society”. Through Q&As, playlists, carefree dancing, daily vlogs and most importantly through her inspirational life quotes, she will definitely open your eyes to look at the world differently. She is the epitome of #GURLPOWER.

4. @ mermaidajade
Laugh out loud hilarious, style icon and “full-time mad b****”, you need to follow Mermaidajade! Through her creative photography and vlogs, she shares life advice, stunning outfits, must-have makeup and just all-round daft but entertaining videos of herself. She also teams up with her best friend @pvssykay to co-host ‘It Galz’ podcast, talking openly and taking questions from listeners about sex, relationships and dating.

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