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The Student Self-Isolation Guide: Tips on Completing Uni Work at Home

One month into isolation lockdown and you are probably starting to stress a little bit in relation to university work. Working and studying from home can be tough, especially when you feel like there aren’t enough resources for you to work with.
With this in mind, Aspen Student Life have come up with some top tips on how to keep up to date with your work – whilst also staying way clear of distraction and procrastination…

1. Coordinate your own group chats
In 2020, we are lucky to live in a world where technology allows us to speak to anyone we want to, from the ease of our own homes. So, why not utilise this when it comes to your university work? There are a number of online tools such as Skype and Zoom that you can download for free which enables you to hold group meetings regarding different assignment or exam topics with your course mates. This is a great way to keep in touch with other students in your class, and for making sure you are maintaining the collaborative aspect of your university choice.

2. Evaluate your current workspace
You may not be used to studying at home – and may usually be more inclined to work from communal areas on campus such as your local student library. This can, therefore, make the lockdown studying transition difficult for you. Make sure that you choose your home working space carefully and make use of any desk / comfy working spaces that you may have (making sure that you keep all things you need nearby so that you can avoid having to keep getting up).

3. Take regular breaks
This may seem completely obvious – but it is essential that you keep up regular breaks from studying to ensure that you are getting the most out of your sessions. You don’t have to stick to the usual ‘9-5’ rule if that doesn’t suit your current situation, but make sure that you identify the hours that you are more productive and centre your work around them. This will make sure that you don’t burn yourself out.

4. Engage with your learning
Throughout the country, many universities are putting on e-lectures which allow you to still engage with your course lecturers on key topics for the semester. In the same way you would take notes when attending a real-life lecture, it is a good idea to do the same whilst watching these online lectures, also. Do all the relevant reading beforehand and don’t be scared to ask questions if there is anything you are confused about!

Aspen Student Life are here to support all students throughout these troubling times – providing you with key advice to guide you through your own personal lockdown experience. If you are looking for advice on what to do next, visit or contact us directly at