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The Student Self-Isolation Guide: Top Tik-Tok Dances to Learn

During self-isolation, to stay in connection with others and to keep social lives as active as possible, there has been a sharp rise in virtual communication. Many people are also finding it tough adjusting to isolation life and, therefore, are finding new ways to entertain themselves at home – TikTok being one of them.
Chances are, you’re well aware of the social media app TikTok, whether you’ve seen your friends share videos online, or your ultimate goal is to become TikTok famous. If you’ve not heard of TikTok, how on earth have you managed to avoid the app everybody is talking about? TikTok is a social media video app that allows users to share short videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular songs or recreating famous TikTok dance moves.
Once you’ve created an account, there are thousands of videos to browse through of which users are then encouraged to recreate and share the content with their friends. TikTok videos can be created alone or with others you are isolating with; even NHS staff have a TikTok trend including videos of them creating routines on their lunch break.
There are so many TikTok dances out there, so we’ve chosen our favourites for you to check out during isolation and we bet you’ll have fun recreating them.

1. “Hit every beat” challenge with “u can’t touch this” by MC Hammer
For this challenge, there’s a specific dance routine that users complete to the beat of the song – while also adding their own twist. Check out this YouTube video for inspiration, but don’t worry, we don’t expect many people to be able to do the splits or handstands on a Segway, just have a bit of fun.

2. “Say So” by Doja Cat dance
This dance has proved popular among some celebrities, but it can be quite tricky to master if you’re not a dancing expert. To help, why not follow this Say So tutorial that breaks down the dance routine into simple steps.

3. “Relationship” by Young Thug
This is a popular routine to recreate in pairs, so grab your partner, sister or and see how long it’ll take you to learn.

4. “The Renegade” to “lottery” by K-Camp
Our last dance suggestion is definitely the hardest and we suggest challenging as many people in your household as you can.

So why not give these dances a try whilst you’re in isolation. You can even get your friends to recreate the dance moves too and combine your videos together – there are endless ways to get involved and have fun.
At Aspen, we want to make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to find entertainment in your spare time that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends. That’s why our accommodation includes entertainment areas for you to enjoy. For more information visit