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The Student Self-Isolation Guide: Top Tips for Easy Cooking

Cooking as a student can be difficult at the best of times – but especially difficult in the current Coronavirus circumstances. Following on from our previous guides, we have pulled together 6 useful tips that you can transfer into your self-isolation cooking routine.

1) Don’t be afraid of substitutes
No matter what you decide to cook – you may not have the exact ingredients to hand in the house (Don’t let this stop you from cooking what you want, we are merely suggesting you get a little creative). We recommend that you do not let this stop you from making what you want, just simply get a little creative with the ingredients. You never know – you may prefer the substitute than the original ingredient!

2) Utilise any leftovers
A lot of people may have got into the very bad habit of throwing away any leftover food straight away. Although this is something to avoid anyway – it is even more important now more than ever to ensure you are utilising ALL your leftovers to get the most out of your self-isolation meals. Leftover chicken from last night’s roast dinner? Why not reuse it and pop it on a sandwich with some mayonnaise – the possibilities are endless!

3) Try something new
Being stuck in isolation can be a drag but why not experiment with some new meals that you have always wanted to try, but never got around to preparing. Being stuck inside all day gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative with your meals (and if at first you don’t succeed, and it doesn’t come out the best – you can always try again!).

4) Baking is fun!
You might have seen all over social media – during this self-isolation period, people are baking everywhere! So why not get involved too? Whether you’re a pro, or simply want to try baking some cupcakes for the first time – there are plenty of options to keep you occupied. If you are looking for inspiration, just Google away, and you will be sure to find your perfect recipe.

5) Stay organised
Make sure that before you start cooking anything – you lay out your ingredients first as this will make the whole cooking process a whole lot easier for yourself. Being surrounded with loose onions, flour and other messy ingredients can get you all flustered (especially when you’re stuck in quarantine) – so alike to everything in life, a little organisation can go a long way.

6) Batch prep
YOUR FREEZER IS YOUR FRIEND! When you’re cooking, always have the question “can I freeze this for another time?” in the forefront of your brain. For example, if you make a quality curry that you just can’t get enough of – freeze it and have it for dinner the following day. This will not only save you time but is also a lot easier for nights when you can’t be bothered to cook from scratch.

If you are looking for something else to do whilst lockdown, why don’t you start arranging your university accommodation for the next academic year?
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