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How to live environmentally friendly at university

Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle will not only help the planet, it can also save you a considerable amount of money. As a student, finding ways to save money comes in very handy, whether that is more money for the pub, or being able to push the boat out and opt for something from Tesco’s Finest range on your weekly shop. Every penny counts, as they say!


Here are some ways you can live a greener life at uni:


Get on your bike

Transport doesn’t come cheap and fuel emissions are a big environmental concern, so why not ditch the bus or Uber and jump on your bike instead. As well as getting you to places for free, you will benefit from the exercise that you get on your journey. It also means you can avoid being squashed up to a stranger on public transport, through the more hygienic option of cycling. If you don’t already have a bike, it can work out much cheaper to buy a cheap bike than to pay for three or four years of public transport and taxis.


Think before you print

How many times have you pressed print and then realised you are printing too much, or wasting paper and ink because you didn’t actually need to print something off? We are living in an increasingly digital based world and there is less and less need to print documents, tickets or anything else as it is all done online. So, whenever you are about to print, stop and ask yourself whether you could avoid it with a workaround.


Be smarter with energy use

This could be the first time you are paying your own energy bills, so you might not realise how small changes can lead to big savings. For example, cutting down water usage, turning lights and electrical equipment off and only using the heating if you really need to, will make a big difference to your energy bills and is more environmentally friendly.


Be a recycling hero

Putting waste that could be recycled, into the general waste bin is just lazy. Don’t be a recycling loser, be a recycling hero instead. It really isn’t hard to put plastics into a different bin to glass, is it? I mean, people who managed to get offered a place at university should be able to differentiate between the different materials, right? Encouraging housemates and other students to recycle is also very commendable, so do your best.

These are just a few of the ways you can live a more environmentally life whilst you are at university, so take them on board for your student days and beyond.