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Why you should join clubs and societies at university

If you are heading off to university soon then you have a very exciting time ahead, with much to look forward to. The years you spend at university may well be the best days of your life, so it is important to make the most of all of the opportunities you have whilst you are there.

Joining sports clubs and societies takes your whole uni experience to another level, forging lifelong friendships and making amazing memories that will have you considering doing a second degree for years to come!


For anyone crazy enough to not be convinced on joining a club or society, this should help give you that helpful nudge towards one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:


Make friends for life

Leaving your old friends behind is one of the hardest parts of heading to university but joining a club or society is one of the quickest ways to build close bonds with your kind of people. As well as being able to enjoy playing your favourite sports, most clubs have a very active social scene, with plenty of nights out and even tours abroad to get involved in.


Gives you a headstart on job applications

If you are studying to be a PE teacher then future employers will be expecting some involvement with sports clubs at uni, but it can also help non-sports students too. Taking up a role of responsibility within a club or society shows you have the ability to organise and lead, and playing for a club shows teamwork skills. Being in societies can help you to build up confidence and will give you some experience to put on your CV when you haven’t gained any work experience yet.


Improve your ability and fitness

For many students, university life involves meals carefully sourced from the JustEat app and lots of social drinking. This will obviously have an impact on your health and waistline, so playing sports will help you to do regular exercise and keep your fitness up. You can continue to improve your skills in a sport that you currently play, or learn to play a sport you have never even played before. Many clubs have different teams to allow players of all abilities and levels of experience to feel welcomed and part of the group.


Most universities have a huge range of societies and clubs to choose from, so whether you want to join the wine society, or compete at the highest level of university sport, find your perfect club and enjoy yourself.